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The "let her sleep" magazine is dedicated to showcasing the talents of contemporary artists. This includes writers, photographers, and artists.

It will run for the Winter season and Spring season, giving the artists plenty of time to cultivate their submissions.

The name is inspired by the strange (yet oddly rewarding) sleep schedules of artists. It also brings into attention the way artists are overworked into falling out of love for their mediums— a serious issue!

"let her sleep" is currently looking for a small team of individuals who share this passion for the arts.

© francesco guarnaccia

meet the team

© anna hurley

founder & lead editor


Karla Robledo, born and raised in Miami, has always had an eye for the arts. Aside from writing, she has also been involved in competitive piano and film production. In her spare time, Karla likes to ride her scooter and eat a big slice of Anthony’s coal-fired pizza (when not interrupted by her three needy dogs).



Born and raised in Miami, Florida to Cuban and Dominican parents, Danielle has always had an appreciation for the local art scene in her beloved hometown. Over the years, she has taken part in many creative outlets like music and writing. In doing so, she has not just learned the craft but also the discipline needed to have a career in the arts.

© anna hurley

© anna hurley

lead photographer


Mateusz Gawrysiak is a young artist focused mainly on photography. His work has many layers of meanings, although it often might seem abstract. He took part in numerous international projects and is constantly inspired by the people he meets.


for submissions, view our submissions page


submissions close may 10th, 2022 (11:59pm, est)

this season's theme is "how to grow a human"

contributors must be at least 13 years of age

    If you are unable to create a themed submission at this time but would like to be considered, use this form to link your portfolio.

    submission guidelines:


    we are not currently accepting articles

    ‣ only 1 piece is allowed
    ‣ all written works must be typed and written in english
    ‣ minimum/maximum word count is 100 - 3000 words
    ‣ poetry must be double-spaced and in 12p font (times new roman)
    ‣ name your file accordingly: [piece name_author name]
    ‣ submit your final piece to this form


    ‣ up to 5 photo submissions are allowed
    ‣ all photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi
    ‣ do not alter body composition in any way, you may add color correction
    ‣ submit in high-resolution, jpeg
    ‣ identify anyone in the photo, should there be people
    ‣ do not include anything portraying offensive content or swear words
    ‣ no explicit nudity
    ‣ name your file accordingly: [piece name_your name]
    ‣ submit your final photograph to this form


    ‣ up to 5 artwork submissions are allowed
    ‣ all works must but in A4 portrait or landscape
    ‣ if doing a collage, all images must be yours or copyright free
    ‣ avoid flash when photographing paintings
    ‣ digital artwork should be a minimum of 300dpi and submitted as a .pdf or .jpeg
    ‣ name your file accordingly: [piece name_artist name]
    ‣ submit your final artwork to this form

    If you were accepted, you will receive an email by May 30th, 2022, and the team will prepare the magazine for its publication in July.

    artists rights

    By submitting their work, the artist allows the "let her sleep" magazine to reproduce the work for nonprofitable purposes, excluding funding donations. The artist retains full ownership of their work and nonconsensual distribution is strictly prohibited. Artists will be properly credited in the digital print, and any remaining donation funds will be used to compensate the artists.



    Thank you for your consideration!

    Your donations will help us:

    ‣ Eliminate submission fees
    ‣ Pay our contributors for their hard work
    ‣ Afford printing costs


    "good things come to those who wait."
    ⇾ jess c scott